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Many devices do not use the full capacity of the built-in speakers. That’s why we decided to modify the signal being sent to them using Artificial Intelligence. AI tries to boost the sound of your device by manipulating the shape and amplitude of the audio signal. We use two different algorithms to modify the audio signal. Different devices will get different results even on the same device models because each audio source has different parameters. You can determine to what level you will use each of them in order to the sound of the device satisfies you.
One algorithm uses a ‘Fast Fourier transform’ to determine the base shape of the signal. AI will analyze and increase the individual components of the signal to increase its power and density as much as possible.
The other algorithm increases the amplitude of the signal so much to deliver non-linear distortions. They will let the speakers get maximum power. AI tries to compensate for these nonlinear distortions as far as possible.
We will keep working on refining algorithms to increase the sound quality. Later we will add other algorithms to increase the level and volume of the sound. At this point the program is free. If you want to stay like this, it will be a good idea to pay more attention to the ads that appear on it. We will try to release a new version at least once a week.
Our program achieves excellent results with application SoundCloud , which enables you to discover, stream, and share a constantly expanding mix of free music. It also produces good results with most of the built-in sound reproduction programs. For programs such as Play Music or Samsung Music, you will get minimal results because they work directly with device hardware. However, we are working on variants to improve the sound reproduced by them. Check our new versions regularly to see how the program is enriched.
You can also use the app to enhance the sound of your headphones or other external speakers.

Disclaimer: This application can not damage your device!

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