Kodular Chat App AIA File Download

Today i have Created an  Advance Chatting App ( like Chatting Style Text Message App ). It supports group Chatting.

This aia file work in Kodulor and app inventor and helps to build a chatting app.The app is connected with firebase and chatting is done on real-time. This app is very simple to handle. Firstly you have to select the username for you and also select the one emoji character for you and click on chatting button to start chatting. The app can help to create a chatting system in your app.Also, it helps to create a request and complaint system in an app.The chatting system is important for every app and you can also use this aia in makeroid and appybuilder. This app UI is great and you can place ads in chatting.

Top Features :

  • Supports personal Chatting
  • Alert Notification
  • Shows Online / Offline status of user
  • Ads Free

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