◆A New Generation of Monster Breeding Game!◆
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Jul 11, 2022
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◆A New Generation of Monster Breeding Game!◆

EGGRYPTO is a monster breeding game with auto battle game system!
The world is called Astral, a world protected by the World Tree.
You can hatch cute monsters by tapping eggs from the tree.

▼Just Hatch eggs that are born from tree!
Every day, in your spare time, you just hatch the eggs that are born from the tree and collect cute monsters!
The golden eggs will produce an ultra-rare monster with a very small chance.

▼Easy and Fun battles in Quest!
Make a party with your monsters and clear the quests!
If you win the quest, there's a low chance you'll also get a "RareMon"!

▼Fuse monsters and make them stronger!
Fuse monsters of the same element to strengthen them even faster!
Fuse monsters of the same kind to enhance your monster's skills too!

▼Battle against other players!
"ARENA", a PvP battle mode where you can fight other players with the monsters you've raised, is now available!
Form a party of three with up to 15 monsters for a battle in ARENA!
Switch between the three parties and try to win over your opponent!
The more battles you win, the higher your rate will be and the more gorgeous the rewards will be!

What's new

What's New in Version 1.10.12

# Bug Fixes
- Fix the bug that the white square is shown on the Gacha Screen in a few situations again
- Fix the bug that sometimes occurs when using Gold Ether Piece again

# What’s Improved
- Fixed error handlings for AssetBundles