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With fondi, an avatar communication app, you can feel free to make mistakes to talk in a new language!
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Aug 13, 2022
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With fondi, an avatar communication app, you can feel free to make mistakes to talk in a new language!
You can make friends from all over the world in a virtual space and learn how to exchange cultures.

◆Introduction to fondi world
Use multiple areas for different purposes to talk with internationals!

▼Visit Plaza with one tap!
With one tap you can wander off to Plaza. Your world-wide avatar friends are waiting for you 24/7!

▼Chill time with your friends for personal conversations!
You can be a member of a VIRTUAL Lounge, where you can chill in a closed space with your friends on fondi.

▼Be who you want to be with avatars!
Your single room called Home is availables. Customize your avatar as you wish!

◆Features of fondi
▼You can feel free to make mistakes!
Without showing your face using your own avatar, you don't need to worry if you make mistakes or talk with poor pronunciation in a new language.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes and practice languages as much as you like.

▼Be connected with people from over 100 countries!
People from all over the world are waiting to talk to you NOW.
Make friends abroad and enjoy the language exchange!

▼Record your daily conversation volume
Your daily conversation volume is automatically recorded.
If you continue to use the app every day, your speaking and listening skills will surely improve!

◆Enjoy free international conversation every day!
You can use Plaza for 15 minutes every day for free to enjoy international communication.
If you want to connect with more people from around the world, the unlimited plan is available for a free trial for the first 7 days.
After the free trial, the monthly price is 9.99$. For the price of an extravagant lunch, you can enjoy international conversation every day as much as you want.

Wanna practice new languages for as long as you want? Be connected with avatar friends from overseas right now.
We hope fondi will make learning languages a little more fun.

※This app is not a dating app, but a language learning app. Please read and understand the community rules before using this app.

◆Terms of use

◆Privacy Policy

What's new

Enriched the Map feature.
Also add the Wolf Hunt game in Plaza!