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How to learn Mandarin Chinese fast? - Flashcards in Chinese!
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Dec 13, 2021
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How to learn Mandarin Chinese fast? – Flashcards in Chinese!

The best method is with English-Chinese flashcards! They will quickly build up your vocabulary in Chinese teaching you Chinese alphabet at the same time. VocApp lets you create your own flashcards in Chinese, learn from the Chinese courses and lessons, and will make sure you remember all the kanji characters you study. It is proven that the Chinese flashcards outperform traditional Chinese courses.

Creating your own flashcards in Chinese, you decide what you want to learn in Chinese! You can also use the app as a free kanji dictionary

Chinese flashcards rise in popularity, since not only they combine entertainment with learning, but also will let you learn Chinese characters, called kanji, on the go! Mandarin Chinese alphabet is a hard nut to crack, but step by step, you will build up your vocabulary in Chinese, remembering the kanji characters as well as the audio recordings of the Chinese words you learn. If you aim to speak Chinese fluently, you will love this app!

Learn Mandarin Chinese with VocApp!

VocApp Vocabulary builder is a tool, which translates English words you type to Chinese. Spaced Repetition Algorithm will make sure you remember all the Chinese words and kanji characters you learn, together with its pronunciation. There are myriads of Chinese lessons and flashcards sets in the app. Simply go into the browser in our Chinese app and write the topic you want to learn, for example:

  • Days of the week in Chinese
  • Animals in Chinese
  • Colours in Chinese
  • Food in Chinese
  • Drinks in Chinese
  • Countries in Chinese

In this Chinese Learning app, you will find different Mandarin Chinese courses, such as: Business Chinese, Conversational Chinese, Chinese for travelling, Chinese for Children, Everyday phrases in Chinese, Chinese idioms or the HSK exams preparatory courses. Whether you are a beginner or advanced in Mandarin Chinese, you will find our Chinese vocabulary trainer useful, since we have language courses on all the levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
Our Chinese flashcards and kanji dictionary will help you prepare for Chinese certification exams such as HSK1, HSK2, HSK3, HSK4, HSK5 and other.

Kanji characters

Every Chinese word has its unique kanji character. There are over 80000 of kanji characters in Mandarin Chinese, but you can read a Chinese newspaper having learned just 2000 kanji characters.

How to learn Chinese 101 basics fast?

Mandarin Chinese grammar is quite simple. The basics of Chinese grammar is enough. The real challenge are kanji characters, so different from the English alphabet. However, our Chinese vocab trainer will help you remember all the kanji you struggled with.

All you need is to type a word in English! Our kanji dictionary / Chinese vocab builder will do the rest! The best image and Chinese sentence will be generated automatically by the app. Creating Chinese flashcards in VocApp is easy and takes less than 1 second! Once you create a flashcard in Chinese, similar flashcards will be suggested.

Our flashcards in Chinese will improve your Mandarin Chinese language skills and broaden the Chinese vocab, as well as Chinese pronunciation fast. You will feel more secure at listening and reading in Chinese. All you have to do is spend 5 min a day on practicing your Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and pronunciation!

Regardless the reason why you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, you will need to study kanji characters. Make your life easier and learn the Chinese alphabet faster!

Our Chinese learning application is free – you can try all of our top Chinese courses and create your own Chinese flashcards, that can be downloaded in MP3 format to listen to them on the go! Immerse yourself in Mandarin Chinese at home! Download VocApp and enjoy our Chinese flashcards!