Mini Cars Driving – Offline Racing Game 2020


Mini Cars Driving - a new kind of game in the genre of endless arcade racing in 3D.
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Anatoliy Mesheryak
Apr 18, 2022
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Mini Cars Driving – a new kind of game in the genre of endless arcade racing in 3D.
You have the opportunity to conquer the vast expanses of the desert, ride a neighbor's farm and even visit the moon. Collect coins along the way and buy new cars and cards. Boost speed and control to improve your gaming experience and take the highest place in the race.

★ Minimalistic design for your peace of mind
★ Convenient and realistic control, real skidding on corners
★ 10 types of transportation vehicles to choose from
★ 10 thematic terrain maps
★ 3 bonus modes: magnet, magnification and invisibility machine
★ Teleportation Cube
★ Color Storm
★ Offline race mode

► Tap the left side to turn left
► Touch the right side to turn right
► Hold for longer to make a sharp turn

• Use the “Increase” bonus to increase by 5 times all the coins that are on the field.
• Use the “Magnet” bonus to draw all the coins nearby.
• Use the Invisible Bonus to pass through obstacles.
• When choosing a “Teleportation Cube”, be careful, teleportation is not predictable, a stone may appear in front of you)
• Do not move too slowly or a color storm will swallow you.
• Get free coins in the store every hour.

Mini Cars Driving – a new offline game in 3D, especially for 2020. It is constantly updated and improved. Leave your rating and review to further improve the game. The developer will answer the most interesting and informative reviews. Best ideas will be added in future updates.

To help developers make the game even better and more interesting – use, if possible, a charity donation in a special menu.

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The vast expanses filled with cacti and stones are ideal for riding a long car with horns.

Make perfect turns while driving in a warehouse among barrels and boxes. Be careful, big machines are very heavy. A warehouse forklift is your vehicle for the race.

Tired of sitting in the office? Throw your business and sit on a chair to go on an exciting trip around the office among office equipment. You will not be lucky if you get a soft sofa along the way.

An incredible adventure awaits you on the moon. Craters and lunar regolith will block the path to new records. Especially for you, the moon was sent to the moon on six wheels. Can you manage such a complex transport?

When there is nobody in the station, the races begin there. On the floor you will come across guns, caps and other paraphernalia of law enforcement defenders. A police car with flashing lights is what you need.

It’s scary at night, but it’s good that the races are held during the day. On a real hippie van, you'll drive past stone crypts. Be careful, maybe zombies live there?

Remember the old games with figures that needed to be assembled in a line? If so, you will especially like this card. You will meet many familiar figures on your way, dissecting on the best race car of the last century.

For lovers of delicious and high-calorie food, this card will be to your taste. Tea, coffee, french fries, hamburgers and what you can not find on the floor of this store. Here you have to ride in the role of a can of cola. It will be very interesting 😉

The children's room, with toys from the designer scattered on the floor, cubes and balls, is probably familiar to everyone. Try to overcome all these obstacles on a toy car.

Typical village with barns, tractors and hay. But not so simple! Try to dodge them on the most interesting transport in the game. Flying saucer, without further ado.

What's new

- Added special offer.
- Fixed bugs.