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Safe Notes is a password-protected notepad that's safe, smart, easy to use and free!
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Apr 30, 2022
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Safe Notes is a password-protected notepad that's safe, smart, easy to use and free!

PROMOTION: Do you like the app? Leave a comment on the store and send me a message at [email protected] telling me about your comment. As soon as I'll find it online, I'll send you a code to unlock the pro version. There are not many codes available!
I'll send the codes according to the e-mail date, so be quick 🙂

Safe Notes gives you a complete and simple notepad to create text notes, lists and checklists. It saves your inspirations, plans, ideas, contacts, passwords, sensitive information, lists or anything you want to organize or remember and keep them private and yet available.

You can use Safe Notes as a digital notebook or diary and add pictures, taking them with camera or your gallery. You can keep notes of lectures, business meetings and interviews or if you need quickly transfer URLs, code snippets and email addresses.

It is easy to create reminders and to organize data in lists. With the checklist you can plan your day with to do list, make tasks list and tick the completed ones.

Safe Notes is intuitive and versatile. You can organise notes using tags to manage your schedules and notes. You can add title to your notes, instead of just the first line of the note and convert text into a checkbox list or vice versa.

The latest version of Safe Notes now allows you to convert your notes and lists to PDF. You can then normally view, store, transfer or share your PDF files.

Safe Notes provides safe access using a simple pin number. It stores all your data on the device instead of uploading your personal information on external database.

Easy to use with a clean interface, it’s the app that you’re missing on your phone and it is free. Download Safe Notes now.

Key features:

* Password protection. Protect your notes, lists and checklist with password and lock the whole notepad app with your PIN.

* Use your Fingerprint to quickly unlock the app.

* Convert your notes and images into PDF

* Quickly share your PDF

* Backup and Restore

* Automatic Backup

* Upload your backup files on Microsoft OneDrive

* Offline access. Access your notes even without internet connection.

* Autosave. The notepad will save your notes automatically while you edit them.

* Tags. Organise your notes and to do list with labels to find them easily.

* Search function. Easy search notes and filter tags.

* Preferred Notes. Set note importance.

* Fast memo. Import text data directly from another source. Copy and paste from your phone to your note.

* Simple and intuitive user experience. Create. Edit. Delete.

* Reminders. Set a reminder for your note or for your to do lists and you'll receive a protected local notification: For your privacy, the actual text of the reminder is visible only inside the app!

* Photo support. Add photos and images to your secure notes.

* Share your images

* Audio support. Add audio notes to your secure notes (NEW)

* Text To Speech support

* Colours. Use colours to categorise notes by importance, tags or subject or just make your notepad more fun.

* Tick the completed tasks.

* Share. Send and share individual note to yourself or another contact if you need.

* Unlimited text size.

* Multi languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi. Would you like to see a new language? Let me know and I'll add it.

* Off-line security. You are the only one that knows your password and everything that you write and save is stored only on your phone. You don't have to trust any other third-party as nobody else have access to it. Nothing is stored online where someone could potentially read it. 100% privacy protection.

* Support: HELP will help you to work with notes, checklist and tags. Also you can always contact us if you have some questions.

* Free (Safe Notes is a free app and ads supported).

What's new

Fixed crash with Android 12
Improved OneDrive reliability